“I have bought a few big ticket items from SummerBreeze over the years, New hot tub and pool liner. Their prices were very competitive. Even better is their after the sale service.  They are incredibly responsive to questions and concerns. Any questions or comments they came back to explain or resolve them the very next day! I would highly recommend them!”

“Summer Breeze provided excellent customer service, from beginning to end, from the young men that work in the store, to the employees that came to my house to install our pool liner.  I personally found the Summer Breeze to be personable, honest, and delivered the upmost integrity.  My husband and I are very happy with our decision to use them. Thank you again!”

“I have had them install a new liner and sand filter plus do several repairs over the years. I have been very pleased with their work at my house and in their store.”

“I have received excellent service from Summer Breeze all the way from start to finish. When I first called to request a quote for a new liner, they were here within a few days. Their price was excellent, and they did a great job installing it as well. I also asked them to replace my old pump and filter, as well as add a salt water system. All of this was done quickly and professionally. I have had to call them a few times for minor issues after paying them in full, and every time they have been here within a day, without complaint, to resolve anything and everything. They did an excellent job and I could not be happier with the service I received.”

“I’ve had a number of items done for my pool by Summer Breeze, and all have been done professionally and well. A year ago they put a new liner in my pool, and it’s fantastic- the older one would fall out of the clips, this one stays put. This past weekend my pump started howling (it was old, the motor was going out), and with one call, they were here today and got it fixed (new pump motor).  I’d recommend these folks to anyone.”

The most knowledge of any pool store! These people have the right stuff. They are the only ones who truly know the business. Bioguard is the only complete product line to use. They did a fantastic job on my liner! Been using them for over 10 years.”

A customer for life!! I like this pool store. Fair on pricing and excellent people. They put a new liner in for me and did a great job.”

Did a great job coordinating my pool repair. They were willing to install a pump that I provided instead of buying it themselves and suffering their markup. Did the job quickly and correctly.”

I have used Summer Breeze many times for water testing. I have never had any problem with what they told me to do or what my pool needed. They are friendly and I would recommend.”

Great Customer Service. I spent almost $1000 at the place across the street and my pool still looked like crap; they just kept selling me chemicals with almost zero results. I was standing in line and a guy told me to try something and I did. I saw some improvement. I then decided to go to Summer Breeze because I no longer trusted the other place. These people at Summer Breeze didn’t attempt to sell me anything, they told me what to do, I did buy about $15 worth of something to put in my pool, they even just loaned me a pool robot for free for 24 hours. When I went in their door I couldn’t even see the bottom of my pool at the shallow end, the next day I could see the bottom. They have been awesome and each time I go in they continue to be a great help, I don’t see anyone pulling out any charts and telling me to buy $250 worth of chemicals each visit. I will not go anywhere else anymore. Thanks guys.”

I’m a Peachtree City Resident. I know the owner of Summer Breeze Pools and he is very honest! This is the only pool store to shop at. They did an excellent install on my new liner!”

The new filter was installed last year. It’s a sand filter I was told it would be more efficient. I had a DE filter before. Honestly I don’t see any difference, but sand filter was cheaper. It was installed in a timely manner and the price was good. No problem so far, thank you for great service.”